<![CDATA[Ken Rowling Noosa remedial massage Bowen therapy Musculoskeletal therapy Amino neuro frequency therapy - Home]]>Tue, 19 Sep 2017 15:24:45 +1000Weebly<![CDATA[Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy]]>Sun, 28 May 2017 08:36:30 GMThttp://noosaremedialmassage.com/home/amino-neuro-frequency-therapyI am getting lots of questions and people lining up to try out the ANF discs to get get rid of their pain.
The most common question is how long does it last? and how many times do I have to put the discs on?
Firstly, the discs work to
*restore the body's default mode of self healing by providing the Frequencies it recognises as its own, and can utilise immediately....
* restores and regulates nerve signalization clearing and opening up the communication lines of the nervous system
* remove pain and inflammation
*provide antioxidants to neutralise damaging free radicals that are running amok in your inflamed tissue and body
* calm the nervous system and local tissue to allow restoration to occur
* increase blood & lymph circulation
* restore function to musculoskeletal system

For Chronic pain sufferers the questions are
*how long have you been in pain?
*what was the cause of your pain?
* what are the lifestyle factors that help or hinder your progress?
So if your a chronic pain sufferer
It's still going to be a process that can take an average 3-4 weeks consistent treatment to restore your self heal ability.
The more consistent the use of the discs the stronger the response and quicker the body regulates and restores itself.
Of absolute critical importance for this system to work to maximum potential is your commitment to staying hydrated by drinking quality water every hour your awake as this fluid is the conductor of the frequency and also helps lessen the detox effect.
When you first come in my goal is to remove your worst pain and inflammation in specific areas. Moving forward from there I Start targeting the source of your systemic inflammation in the lymphatic system.
Upon restoration of your body you can choose to maintain your body and health with using the antioxidant, energy and calming discs.
I and my clients are witnessing Magic happen everyday that is beyond most pain sufferers imaginations but remember if you have had years of pain it generally is going to take more than one session.
If you have any questions please contact me by phone or message
<![CDATA[competence over convenience  ]]>Mon, 13 Mar 2017 01:24:24 GMThttp://noosaremedialmassage.com/home/competence-over-convenienceIn this crazy space we call life, time can be precious and convenience can be attractive to us all to allow a bit more ease and flow into our worlds.

​In recent times we have witnessed the growth in massage shops opening up in shopping centres offering a menu of services and the convenience of picking up your groceries after.  While the menu might look impressive, the quality of the service may not be up to standard and may in fact create more dramas for your body.

​My own experience  has been these places are great for my business as the clients seek another therapist to fix the damage caused.  As the damage continues to grow and places like this give fodder to the medical establishment to dismiss the benefits of massage and bring disrepute to our profession.

Please consider and opt for a competent professional in a reputable clinic or long established practitioner with up to date qualifications, professional membership and insurance.    At the very least ask to see the individuals certification and insurance to ensure they are not working under the umbrella of one practitioners certification and insurance
<![CDATA[Bowen therapy for kids]]>Thu, 29 Sep 2016 04:37:21 GMThttp://noosaremedialmassage.com/home/bowen-therapy-for-kidsYes even little people can benefit from body therapies and ​Bowen is the perfect therapy for little bodies with short attention spans. 
​Consisting of a series of gentle cross-fibre moves, Bowen therapy will stimulate and release the bodies fascia,  encouraging fluid exchange in the tissues, increasing blood and energy flow as well as muscle relaxation, balance and postural alignment. 

​Treatments are generally no more than 20mins